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Break the Monopolies

The drug industry and the insurance industry spend millions on ads and marketing and they jack up health care prices on the rest of us.

With millions of Americans at risk to COVID-19, this is something we should all care about.

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The government could break the monopolies around any drug at any time, and stop the price gouging. It could save people’s lives. They just need the will to do it. So let's tell them.

End Big Pharma’s monopolies on lifesaving drugs. Let's start with COVID.

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Latest News

Laura Packard: Nevada needs a public option now

The Affordable Care Act saved my life, but there is more work to be done. Health care costs are still too high for Nevadans, and we all pay the price for that. We need a public option and we need it now, or more Nevadans will suffer without insurance or without the care they need. Please contact your legislators today and ask them to support the Nevada Public Option, SB420. 

Laura Packard: Colorado Needs a Public Option Now

Passing the Colorado Option will keep insurers and hospital systems honest and stop their profit-seeking leaving Coloradans out in the cold. Please contact your legislators and make sure they hear our voices, and vote for lower insurance costs for us through the Colorado option.