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Break the Monopolies

The drug industry spends millions on ads and marketing and they jack up drug prices on the rest of us.

With millions of Americans at risk to COVID-19, this is something we should all care about.

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The government could break the monopolies around any drug at any time, and stop the price gouging. It could save people’s lives. They just need the will to do it. So let's tell them.

End Big Pharma’s monopolies on lifesaving drugs. Let's start with COVID.

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Latest News

Laura Packard: Here’s why Coloradans need a public option

Sick people are already going through a lot. Colorado’s health care system is forcing us into impossible choices. What happens when your health system refuses to contract with any insurance providers on the market, and you lose access to your doctors in the middle of a pandemic?

Laura Packard: Hedge Funds Tried to Kill GameStop. Now They’re Coming for Our Health Care System Too

Americans are drowning in billions of dollars of medical debt, which continues to grow through this crisis. In the midst of a pandemic, ending surprise medical billing and the toll it takes on those of us already going through medical trauma is more critical than ever. Congress finally came to an agreement to stop surprise bills at the end of December. 

Why did it take so long to solve, when surprise medical bills have been a growing problem for years? Hedge funds and private equity firms making profits off our misery fought this law, and threaten any future health care reform. “We’ve started to realize it’s not us versus the hospitals or the doctors, it’s us versus the hedge funds.”

Steven Martin: The Trump Administration Must Break Pharma Drug Patents Before All Americans Are Hurt by COVID-19 Price Gouging

At 26 years old, I took a free blood test at an LGBT health center. I never expected that the test would simultaneously save my life and bankrupt me. Four years later—as we face a global pandemic that has overwhelmed our country—I now not only worry about my ability to afford my medicine, but also about whether I will be able to afford a COVID-19 vaccination or treatments should I need them.